Petition for Diaconate



Petition for Diaconate

I, the undersigned (your full Christian name), having presented to the Archbishop the petition for reception of the Order of Deacon, now at the approach of the Sacred Ordination and upon serious consideration of the matter in the presence of God, do testify under oath that I am not compelled by any coercion, force or fear to receive this Sacred Order, but that I desire it of my own accord and that I wish to receive it with full and free deliberation, as I know and feel that I am really called by God.

I attest that I fully know all the obligations, and everything else connected with this Sacred Order which I want and propose to receive of my own free will, and that I am resolved to devote myself permanently to ecclesiastical ministry and observe all the obligations of this Sacred Order most conscientiously during the whole course of my life.

In particular, I promise with sincere faith that, according to the Sacred Canons, I will most obediently observe all that my superiors command me and ecclesiastical discipline require of me, and that I am prepared to set a good example both in deed and word, that I may earn my reward from God for the reception of such a great office.

So I promise, vow and swear, so may God help me and these holy gospels of God which I touch with my hands.

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